I’ve been neglecting colourblocking for a while and I figured it was time I revisited one of my favourite trends. 😉 This was taken at the Shangrila hotel when we went to The Line for Jw’s birthday celebration recently.

Thought I’ll give it a preppy chic twist by adding a colourful floral collar I snagged at Bugis Village while shopping with Karen, a vintage pearl belt and preppy pumps paired with lace socks.

Just a couple of shout-outs before I end off!

Dress Affection is having a promotion at Deal.com.sg NOW! You’ll be entitled to 35% off a $50 shopping voucher! Great for those of you who’re looking for D&D dresses or new work wear! 😀

I’ve also just joined Chicisimo, which is similar to Lookbook, and I’m so flattered to be awarded the Top Fashionista in Singapore. There’s so much to learn from everyone and I hope I can continue improving on my outfit posts as time goes on!