I attended Charmaine’s funeral today.

Charmaine was a warrior. Despite all the suffering that she had to go through, she left with a peaceful smile on her face. I heard from Jo that she was always very considerate and never wanted anyone to worry for her.

She was here for a mere 6 years, but she always seemed wise beyond her age. Her optimism, strength, thoughtfulness and zest for life will easily put any one of us to shame.

Charmaine’s funeral reignited the feelings of despair that struck me when Reyna left suddenly and when Keith went missing.

To this day, I pray that Keith is still alive somewhere and that he’ll be reunited with his family soon.

While I believe that the dearly departed are in a better place, a place filled with happiness, joy and laughter, a place where pain and suffering do not exist, the pain of losing someone close to you never really goes away.

Losing someone close is truly a life-changing experience.

But, memories of the person, how special he/she was and the lessons he/she taught you about how you should lead your life, will stay with you forever and be your driving force.

Most importantly, I believe that somewhere up there, they are all looking down upon us with smiles on their faces, telling us that we’ll meet again someday at the end of the rainbow, when our time on earth is complete. 🙂