As you’re reading this, I’m rushing out to run all my last minute errands before my plane takes off tonight. I’ll be off to Rodellar, a rock-climbing destination in Spain (don’t ask me what I’m doing there) for 2 weeks before heading to Barcelona, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Bratislava and finally, Budapest. Then, I’ll be back for a day before setting off to the US and HK to meet my lovely gfs.

The good news is, yes, I will still be updating my blog while I’m overseas, so do stay tuned for more updates. 😉 I’m sorry I haven’t had time to reply the comments on my blog, but rest assured that I’ve read every single one of them. Before I turn into a rock in Rodellar, I aim to reply all the comments and keep you updated while I’m on the road.

To all my Singaporean readers who are voting at the presidential election this Saturday, do cast your vote wisely! 😉 For once, I don’t have a clear idea of which candidate I would vote for.

Ah well, let’s not go into that now shall we. Have a good weekend!