Santouka at Central is my favourite ramen restaurant in Singapore and I hardly go anywhere else for ramen given my fastidiousness. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Natsuttei at Millenia Walk serves pretty decent ramen too.
The signature ramen here comes with a black tonkotsu soup base. Don’t be frightened by the black soup though, for it is really just roast garlic oil. The roast garlic oil enhances the overall flavour of the soup base and is the secret behind the rich, savoury soup! My only grouse is that every bowl of ramen comes with a very generous serving of bean sprouts, so you may want to alert the servers if you’re not a fan.

I prefer my ramen to be slightly spicy, so I went for the Dragon Ramen, which is only mildly spicy. For those of you who love very spicy ramen, Nantsuttei offers four levels of spiciness for you to choose from. Check out their banner below. Besides their ramen, I adore their sense of humour too. LOL

My outfit for the day was a simple striped dress given to me by Karen.

Transparent heels from Far East Plaza

Vintage Aigner straw bag from Dustbunny Vintage

Have a good weekend everyone!