Shihui, Rafidah and I met up at Halia Restaurant for lunch one scorching hot afternoon. It was so hot and humid I regretted suggesting meeting up at the botanic gardens the moment I stepped out of my door.

Despite the weather, the restaurant was so packed with patrons (all tourists perhaps?) we couldn’t even get seats in the air-conditioned area.

Having heard rave reviews about Halia, I found their main courses rather disappointing. What saved the day however, were their desserts and drinks. The desserts are among the best I’ve tried. Their wide range of ginger-infused drinks are also very innovative and surprisingly delicious. I would most certainly return to Halia for desserts and tea.

Thereafter, ready to brave the sunny weather with my trusty hat, we took a stroll in botanic gardens on our way to the carpark. I remember how I used to come here ever so often with my parents as a kid. The garden has changed so much since, but its beauty has always remained unrivalled. I’m thinking of going back soon for the upcoming Chopin and Liszt concert.

One note of caution though! If you’re thinking of taking a stroll here, remember to slather on some insect repellant for the botanic gardens is also a playground for mosquitoes!! 😉