I was down with stomachache followed by cramps last weekend, but that didn’t stop me from feasting. Ironically, that was about the only thing I did besides catching Pirates of the Caribbean.

We had a long, leisurely breakfast at Prive, enjoying each other’s company and relishing the goodness of our breakfast staple – eggs. The eggs benedict here is one of my favourites.

For dinner, we headed down to High Society Cafe at Marina Bay Sands. High Society Cafe is a spin-off from The CD Shop and is marketed as a place for tea and cakes. Funnily enough, the cakes, though pricey, were not particularly tasty.

I found the main courses much better. If not for the meagre portions, I would probably rate the food 7/10. Save for the cafe’s lovely ambience, I think TCC and Coffee Club are much better choices in terms of affordability and food quality.