Our last day in Hong Kong was spent savouring our favourite dim sum for brunch at Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant. The restaurant is conveniently located in Grand Century Plaza, which is directly connected to our hotel and literally just a stone’s throw away.

We over ordered by so much that the amount could probably feed a whole village. Despite that, the bill miraculously came up to S$20 per pax.

Where in Singapore can you find good and affordable dim sum in a restaurant that boasts 4 ginormous chandeliers? I can’t think of any but the closest is Royal China at Raffles Hotel and even then, for the amount that we ordered, it would definitely have cost more than S$20 per pax.

After our hearty brunch, we dropped by Xu Liu Shan for their delicious mango desserts. You can seemingly find Xu Liu Shan in every street corner. They’re like the Starbucks for desserts. 😉

It has become a routine by now that after every meal, we will head on down to a mall for more shopping. On our last day, we visited Allied Plaza, otherwise known as 聯合廣場. It is very similar to Argyle Centre, but the selection here is slightly more upmarket.

You can also find quality Korean imported clothes at reasonable prices over here. I bought the peach double breasted you see in my last collage below for about S$80. My petite frame makes it difficult for me to find reasonably priced jackets that fit well, but this particular jacket fits me like a glove! I also like that it’s very versatile and can easily be matched with dresses or jeans.

Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, so before we knew it, it was time for us to make our way to the airport and bid Hong Kong goodbye.

The above photo with Reyna and Qihua (kaykay) was not only the last photo that I took of our trip, but also the last photo I have of Reyna and I.

So many things have changed since then, but the details of our wonderful trip will always be etched in my memory.