I’ve been on a food trail recently, hunting down all the cafes and restaurants that I have yet to try in our little food paradise called Singapore. Everything that I blog about has got to do with food, more food…and even more food!!!

But the strange thing is, I don’t seem to be putting on weight. I have a high metabolism rate but I’m way too skinny for my height. It has always been my wish to put on a couple of kilos so that I can be of normal weight or at least less underweight than I already am. Thank goodness Chinese New Year is almost here!

I’ve heard so much about Freshness Burger ever since it set up shop at the spanking new Nex mall in Serangoon. To escape from the crowd, I chose to have my freshness burger at its outlet at The Central instead. It has another outlet at Century Square too.

Freshness Burger, which originated from Japan, prides itself on the freshness of its ingredients. I’m not much of a burger person, but I was impressed by the 100% beef patty accompanied by a thick slice of tomato in my classic freshness burger. In fact, I was surprised that the tomato was so amazingly crunchy and juicy!