I had the privilege of attending David Archuleta’s showcase in Singapore in Nov, thanks to Jun who had media passes.

Honestly, I didn’t really know his songs (except one maybe?) but he’s pretty likable in a goofy and down-to-earth way. You should have seen the snaking line of crazy fans who braved the rain and queued outside Zouk for hours!

Reminded me of the times when I actually went a little berserk over HK rock band, Beyond. I was in my early teens then with a loose screw (or more) who often hung out at Takashimaya (the hip hangout for teens then) for hours on end.

There was a CD/DVD shop at the basement of Takashimaya and it used to air Beyond’s concert video everyday on the TV at the window display. My friends and I would stand around, in awe of the band and their wonderful songs. That was how my obsession with them started, albeit only after the death of the lead singer. I remember listening to their songs everyday (I can still remember the lyrics of their Cantonese songs!!!), queuing up at HMV at Heeren for their autograph session and hiring a cab to stalk them all over the island.

On hindsight, I still can’t believe I actually did that. I was young and impressionable, bursting with passion for a band that has since faded into oblivion. Nonetheless, I still sing 1 or 2 of their songs during KTV sessions, just to reminisce the good old days.

Now, I’m passionate about Mozart and all other classical music composers (who are ALL dead, by the way..).

Tell me this is not a sign of age!