We spent a day in Munich and had some time for a short tour in the city centre, Marienplatz.
At the heart of Marienplatz lies the New City Hall, a magnificient landmark known as Neus Rathaus to the locals.

The column on the left hand side is Mary’s column (Mariensaule), which was erected in 1638 to mark the end of the Swedish occupation. A gold gilded statue of Virgin Mary stands atop the column.

There is a myriad of standalone shops and boutiques at Marienplatz. There we were, busy darting in and out of H&M, Promod and a slew of other shops.

Another highlight of the city centre is the numerous fruit stalls that line the street. Strawberries and cherries are on sale here at ridiculously low prices as compared to Singapore. The glutton in us manifested and we ended up buying a huge packet of cherries to munch on. I have absolutely no idea why there’s an “Extra Gross” label on the cherries though. If you ask me, there’s nothing gross about it except for the grossly low price. 😛

Before long, it was time for us to head for lunch. Lunch was at Feinkost Kafer. We were told this is the most prestigious gourmet restaurant in Munich.

I love the homely feel of the restaurant. The clever juxtaposition of green and pink accents against neutral shades injects liveliness into its interior .

Unfortunately, there were no pictures of the food as it was inappropriate for me to take photographs in the company of our guests. My verdict? Well, this is definitely one of the best German restaurants around. 😉