This probably sounds terribly childish and frivolous, but I am not ashamed to proclaim that I am a huge fan of the Doraemon cartoon series!
Yes, Doraemon, that chubby cat who never fails to dish out a slew of futuristic gadgets from his four-dimensional pocket to help his owner.
Before I started suffering from the post Europe trip jet lag, I used to be able to spring out of bed at 9.30a.m. every Saturday and Sunday just to catch Doraemon on TCS Channel 8!  
I end up in stitches all the time, and from the corner of my eye, I’ll catch my bemused hubby giving me strange looks from across the couch in our living room. -_-“””
Besides the cartoon per se, I also like this 欠扁问答题 (i.e. lame joke) that revolves around Doraemon.
Question: Why does Doraemon like to help others? 

Answer: Because he likes to 伸出圆(援)手。  

Don’t you agree that the versatility and wittiness of the Chinese language is indeed unrivaled in every sense? *chuckles*

My fascination with Doraemon extends to his other half as well. I recently got acquainted with Doraemon’s girlfriend, Dorami, through one of the McDonalds Happy Meals that I ordered.
See that yellow button on her chest? The Doraemon theme song plays with the  push of a button. 🙂