I love eye make-up but I don’t usually wear much make-up on the rest my face. For work, I usually use a 2-way cake or loose powder and some blusher. On weekends, I prefer to step out of the house wearing only tinted sunblock to give my skin a breather. 😉
I’ve been hooked on falsies for a while because it instantly opens up the eyes without the hassle of having to curl your lashes, painstakingly coat them with mascara and remove the mascara at the end of the day when all you want to do is bathe and jump into bed! I typically only use them on weekends as they can, at times, be a little too dramatic for work.
Recently, I discovered Dolly Wink’s individual lower lashes at Watson’s. Dolly Wink’s falsies are a sell-out in Japan and the rest of Asia. Hence, I decided I had to get my hands on the lower lashes after reading numerous Japanese make-up tutorials in CanCam, Vivi and the likes.
Here are the results of my virgin attempt at attaching the bottom lashes (I was wearing a pair of very natural -looking falsies on the upper lids):

My verdict? I think bottom lashes really help to further enhance and open up the eyes, creating a doe-eyed effect.
However, while it’s relatively easy to put them on with a pair of tweezers, it could be way too time consuming and drama mama if you’re rushing for work in the morning! I’ll be saving mine for weekends and special occassions. 😉