I have been posting all my brand new clothes from Korea and HK for sale during the past 2 weeks. First of all, I would like to thank all my lovely buyers who have given me their utmost support. I have had numerous friendly exchanges with many of you and in some cases, I even had the opportunity to meet you personally as well! It was definitely a pleasure getting to know all of you better. 🙂
I’ll be taking a break during Chinese New Year, which means no new clothes will be posted, but you’ll be happy to know that I’m considering setting up another website solely for the sale of brand new clothes sourced from overseas. I have made many purchases over the web and while they are generally very affordable, I have never been entirely satisfied with the quality of the apparel that I receive. Quality is of prime importance to me, hence I can assure you that the apparel that I bring in will certainly not disappoint in this respect.
I’ll be happy to know your thoughts on this, so please drop me a comment here or e-mail me at regina.chow@gmail.com! 🙂
In the mean time, I shall endeavour to provide updates on my Japan trip (long overdue I know :P) and other events/activities that I’ve been up to!