I’ve been spending rather indiscriminately these days when I really shouldn’t. Shopping knows no boundaries.

Nonetheless, who could resist a pretty vintage bow necklace?

I decided to give my tresses a treat last weekend with a pampering hair treatment and this was just a random vain shot that I took before I scooted off the salon.

You’ll be surprised to know that I am not done with my Japan posts! 😉 And yes, I do owe you girls a post on my Korean loot as well, which is way way overdue. Sorry!!! I promise to put them up this coming Sunday or the next, so do watch out for them!

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to seeing you at our yard sale at Lor Siglap this Saturday. I’ll probably only be there in the later part of the afternoon as I’ll be attending a friend’s wedding luncheon. 😉