I’ve been to Japan a couple of times, but the primary objective was always to work! I finally had the chance to tour Japan at a leisurely pace with Grace this time. We also managed to catch up with some of our Japanese friends in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Coincidentally, some of our Singaporean friends happened to be there too! In fact, a group of them stayed at the same hotel as us. 🙂

I usually stay in the Shiodome area for work, but we decided to put up at Citadines Shinjuku during our stay in Tokyo.
As this is a relatively new establishment, the furnishings were in pristine condition and the room was spick and span.

My only grouse is the location. It is located within 5 mins walk from the Shinjuku Gyoemmaen Station (subway train via Marunouchi line) but that means you’ll have to switch from JR Shinjuku to the Marunouchi line, which can be a hassle.

If I decide to go to Japan on a shoestring budget again, I’ll probably choose to stay at Sunroute Shinjuku because it is conveniently located opposite the Shinjuku JR station.

Nonetheless, I must say we enjoyed our stay in Citadines. The hotel concierge spoke perfect English and it was a breeze communicating with them.

After arriving at the hotel at about 8 p.m., we met Grace’s friend who happened to be in town for work. We had a fabulous catch up session accompanied by scrumptious food and ice cold beer at Ginza.

The delectable spread was absolutely invigorating to our senses. We left feeling even more awake than before!

That was when we headed off to meet two Japanese friends,at Muse, a club at Roppongi which is infamous for its flesh parade.

There were loads of eye candy and the music was fantastic! It was definitely one of the best clubs I’ve ever been to.

Japanese guys are totally different by night though. We kept getting approached by various men who were very aggressive and touchy. What an eye-opening experience it was for us. Thank goodness Moo Hee and Satoshi were there to fend off those perverts!

We had so much fun that we left the club only at 5a.m. By then, Grace and I had been awake for 24 hours. 😉 This was the last picture that we took before leaving the club.

Both Satoshi and Moo Hee had to be at work the next day, even when it was a Sunday!! They really bring the corporate philosophy “work hard, play hard” to an all new level.

Although they were obviously exhausted, these sweet chaps brought us to a ramen place for early breakfast as our stomachs were growling after all the action. The ramen and gyoza were so delicious that we hardly took any photos!

Till now, the both of us still salivate at the thought of ramen and gyoza….