I have just started unpacking, which is a huge challenge because my mum and I came back with 4 luggages that were packed to the brim.
I couldn’t resist wearing some of the clothes out though. This was what I wore yesterday to rider’s cafe for lunch. The entire ensemble is from my Korea haul.

Chanel-inspired t-shirt with floral skirt and gladiator heels. Love the ribbon hairband too!

My pretty ribbon hairband. The ribbon applique is made of white pearls and diamontes. Gorgeous isn’t it?
I have an extra piece for sale, so drop me an e-mail at regina.chow@gmail.com if you are interested!
Price: SGD29.90 -SOLD-

This hairband typically retails at a hefty $60 or more at some shops in Far East Plaza, but rest assured that I’m selling this at a pocket-friendly price 🙂

I also brought along a pretty bow cardigan as it was raining in the afternoon.

This knitted cardigan has two pretty bows made of shimmering pearls and buttons that resemble black gem-like stones (see close-up pics below).

If you are a fan of bows, just like me, this is the perfect cardi for you! This is free sized but I would recommend it for UK6-8 girls.

Ardent fans of Korean fashion (like me!) will know that such cardigans typically retail at more than SGD100 per piece at most shops in Singapore, a pretty exorbitant price to pay even for avid cardi-lovers like me!

To prevent a hole in your pocket, I brought back an extra piece from Korea to share with my readers, so if you are interested, drop me an e-mail at regina.chow@gmail.com! Price: SGD 49.90 *Sold*

I’ll be posting up more items for sale as I slowly unpack my luggages, so do look out for more affordable Korean fashion!