I have been caught up in a whirlwind of events including more renovation work, imminent career changes, birthdays and most recently, an unexpected death in the husband’s family. I desperately need to recharge and am so looking forward to my long-awaited holiday, which officially begins in a while.

Till then, here are pictures of our new shoe cabinet cum divider (not exactly in its finished state), study room and the study room chair that I am (note: not we) thinking of purchasing.

Shoe Cabinet cum Divider

I requested for the shelves to be inclined. I am quite proud of the outcome as the design was entirely my idea hahaha, not without JW’s inputs and approval of course.

Study Room

I love the wooden legs of this particular Eames chair.

This was what I wore last week for our spontaneous furniture-shopping trip.

Bye for now. Be back in a week. 😉