I have been to the Middle East several times, but it never fails to enchant me every time. Although times have changed given the economic meltdown and streets aren’t as bustling with life, what they have done with the desert is amazing. Their abundance of wealth and natural resources (namely oil) is literally unmeasurable…

The Kingdom of Bahrain, also known as the kingdom of two seas.

We stayed at the Somerset Service Apartment in Bahrain. Our rooms were humongous! Each of us had a room that came complete with a living room, dining room, a kitchen two bedrooms and two bathrooms!! We touched down from Abu Dhabi at about 7pm, ordered delivery at 8pm, but the food only arrived at 10.30pm!!
Thank goodness the food was very tasty. Bahrain is renowned for its seafood as it is located just next to the Persian Gulf. We ordered quite a feast for 4. Unfortunately, some of the dishes could not be captured in the photo.

Dubai was the next destination on our trip itinerary. I took a shot of this skiing facility in Emirates Mall 2 years ago as well, but I have not had the opportunity to try it. I did however have a very good view of the indoor ski playground from the restaurant that we dined at. This entertainment spot was covered in a blanket of pristine white snow dotted with luscious pine trees. There’s even a ski lift housed within!

We also visited the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. The hotel is famous not only for its food (Nobu restaurant is a tenant!), but it has a glorious underwater aquarium, similar to Sentosa’s Underwater World, except that the scale of this aquarium is much larger and the architecture much grander. It was replicated after the lost civilization of Atlantis.

I didn’t have much time to snap photos and most of the photos also included people who would not like to be featured on my blog, so that’s all for now!