This was the first time I travelled overseas on Tiger Airways. I know, you guys are going to say I’m so ‘atas’ right – only travel by Singapore Airlines! Well, the experience wasn’t that bad for the price. I would say it was definitely value-for-money.

What I really didn’t like though was the budget terminal. My friend CH warned me about the state of the terminal the day before I left. In his exact words, “wah good luck, you will understand why it’s called budget terminal when you see it.”

Thanks to him, I was prepared for the worst. Images of decaying walls and a dilapidated visage with cockroaches scampering across the floors flooded my mind.

To be honest, the condition of the terminal was quite tolerable by my standards, but what really irked me was the lame tagline, “Budget Terminal. Enjoy the difference.” Check it out in the picture below:

Like hello?? Are you trying to suan me?! This has got to be sarcasm at its best.

Day 1: Macau

After checking into Metropark Hotel, we spent the rest of the day exploring the place by foot. Got lost in one of the underground carparks which had so many exits that we were nearly trapped.

One of the famous casino hotels, Wynn.

Our first meal in Macau, taken near Metropark Hotel.

Off to St Paul’s ruins. It reminded me of a quaint, picturesque European town. The only downside was that the weather was so humid you could literally feel hot air emanating from the ground.

This was also where we took some of our casual shots at night.

The air-con in the Singing Bean cafe was too hard for us to resist. Surprisingly, the cafe served really tasty creme brulee too.

Apparently, the coffee beans from this cafe are “nourished with Mozart music to foster their unique flavours”. How bizzare….I have only heard of pregnant ladies listening to Mozart music to enhance their babies’ brain development. Er.. coffee beans have brains too?
Day 2: Hong Kong

Took a ferry to Hong Kong for some dim sum at Sweet Dynasty (very good I must say!!) and shopping. Actually, it was a 6-hour long shopping marathon, with me ending up with 1 big bag of goodies from Sasa and 3 humongous bags of clothes from H&M. Enough said.

Day 3 & 4: Photoshoot in Macau

Well, you’ve already seen some of the fab photos 🙂 Here’re some shots of an old style cafe where we took our casual photos.

Day 5: Macau – Last day
Spent the last few hours at the Venetian. The decor reeked of opulence, so much so that I thought it was rather contrived. That however, did not stop me from taking photos. 😛

No makeup except for eyeliner and mascara. 😉 Had enough of makeup during the 2 days of shooting.

I really enjoyed the trip, thanks to JW for his amusing antics and great company, as well as to our fabulous photographer and make-up artist. They were the ones who made this trip special. 😉