5th July marked our 8th anniversary, and I certainly look forward to many more anniversaries together in this lifetime. 🙂

This year’s anniversary was somewhat different from the previous years. Like what JW said, we exchanged our most expensive presents in 8 years — our individual monetary contributions to our new home. Haha. I guess it also marked a new phase in our journey together.

Unlike my parents, I don’t believe that men should pay for everything, such as the purchase of the apartment, renovations, wedding preparations etc. Since I am going to have a share of the house, it’s only right that I pay for a portion of it.

I typically prefer to pay for my own shopping as well ,so I eagerly await the day when I can buy a Chanel 2.55 bag and Cartier watch every other month with my own paycheck, without feeling the slightest pinch. It’s the sense of satisfaction that drives me, more so than the material goods.

Now, now, don’t ask me how’s that gonna work out because I haven’t given much thought to it. 😛

For now, I’m just looking forward to moving into our new home and spending the rest of our lives together. *wink*