1) Preparing for my Beijing/Shanghai work trip and meeting individuals who are so incredibly wealthy that I am perpetually awe-struck. To some, 10 million dollars probably make up 1% of their entire net worth. Sometimes I wonder, what on earth am I doing with my life? Haha

2) Learning the waltz with JW and getting confused because surprisingly, there’s so much theory involved. It also doesn’t help that I have never excelled in geometry.

3) Worrying about JW’s airborne exercise. He has 3 jumps in all, 2 on Thursday and 1 on Friday. So dangerous!!!

4) Thinking about how my new house would turn out. We have engaged an interior designer and bought our lights as well as toilet accessories. I love all the lights, especially the chandelier in my master bedroom and this rectangular hanging light encrusted with crystals in the dining room. The colour scheme includes shades of black, grey, white, dark brown and red. Most importantly, we’ll be having some wallpaper accents (I like! Heard maintenance is a pain though) and two walk-in wardrobes!!

5) Pondering about how insane we are. Haha.