My wardrobe is exploding. Rather, it has exploded. So grab these from me please!! All brand new or worn only once. 🙂 They are all in pristine condition and I’m selling them at a lower price than what I bought them for!

1) Brand New Chiffon Flutter Sleeve Top from Bonito Chico (comes with inner spaghetti strap top) – Price: $23

2) Brand New Issey Bow Dress from Nelly Joy – Price: S$22 with free postage

3) Genevieve Trapeze Dress in Dusty Pink (Worn only once for a few hours!) – Price: S$20 with free postage

4) Wetseal Apple Dress (Worn only once!) – Price S$23 with free postage
5) Brand New Wetseal Floral Empire Dress – Price: S$25 with free postage SOLD
Interested parties can e-mail me at Please help me to clear my wardrobe! 🙂