Let’s start with the random stuff:

1) Attended Jw’s distant cousin’s wedding@ Marina Mandarin

It was a little strange because even JW had never met this cousin before. What was even stranger was that JW asked his cousin (after being introduced to each other) if he was the groom. Hahaha. Oh well…

2) Went to Beijing for a private banking conference

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Beijing, although I was only there for 3 days. The icy wintry air, dazzling christmas lights and familiar city sights brought back such wonderful memories of this lovely city. I can’t wait to go back there again. A pity I had to take the red eye flight back to attend another meeting the very next day. 🙁

This time around, I stayed at The Regent. Unlike some people who fear staying in a hotel room all by themselves, I love staying by myself when I am overseas. Thankfully, in my organisation, we all get our own rooms when we travel overseas.

I embrace freedom, and having everything all to myself. 😛

Check out the bathroom’s open concept. Perfect for the exhibitionists. The blinds are automated, so if you have guests over, you can shut the blinds.

I love the wash basin. oh yea, and that’s me in the reflection.
The cosy bed. This is actually my boss’s bed cos I had already checked out by then. 😛

3) The highlight of this post – My birthday!!

I celebrated my birthday yesterday at Au Jardin @ Botanical Gardens. The ambience, attentive service and JW’s company left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. 🙂

I had the 8-course dinner set while JW took the 4-course. No photos of the food though. Both JW & I agreed that while dining in such an ‘atas’ restaurant was an interesting experience, we are certainly no connoisseurs when it comes to food. We much prefer the simple pleasures in life, such as char siew rice, duck rice, salted duck soup and mango sago dessert Hahaha.

If I really had to pick an upmarket restaurant to dine in, I would still choose The Cliff over Au Jardin. Nonetheless, I cannot deny that the service at Au Jardin is impeccable. The waiters made sure that I was treated like a princess, and all of them wished me happy birthday at one point or another during the dinner.

Stealing a shot of my beloved bf

I had a complimentary mini birthday cake too! 😀

Trying to act demure but I think I look rather contrived haha. The silky purple top was a birthday gift to myself, which I got from Vera Moda, a European label that can be found in major cities around the world, including Beijing. Their clothes fit me to a T! Much to my disappointment, it’s not found locally.

Blowing the candle but I forgot to make a wish!! 🙁
Us enjoying a cuppa after the meal

We decided to catch a midnight movie after that. I wanted to watch Enchanted, but the seats were so lousy that we eventually decided on Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, which starred acting veterans Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman.

The movie started off well, but the ending felt incomplete. We both felt that the plot lacked substantiation and was seriously lacking in many areas.

Camwhoring in the car while we were stuck in the Orchard Road jam.

I made JW take photos of me with the christmas lights! It’s rare to see orchard road this quiet!

Last but not least, how could I forget the gifts of love from JW & my parents?? My parents & bro got me some jewellery :). JW got me a CK watch and a Coach Bag. I’m not a big fan of Coach, but this bag really caught our eye. It looks much better in real life as it has a metallic sheen that spells chic yet festive. 😀

I told JW that he should stop getting branded stuff for me because everyone thinks I am ATAS now even when all my branded goods are not bought by me!! He insists he can’t help it haha..silly boy.

Although I’m not religious, I can’t help but think that he is God’s gift to me. I seriously don’t know what I did to deserve someone like him, someone who loves me, who cheers me up and makes me laugh. He’s my confidante and my best friend, someone whom I look forward to spending the rest of my life with.

Indeed, blessed are the loved. *muaks* 🙂

Thanks to all my lovely friends who wished me happy birthday too!!